Mining Operations at Mount Mica & Orchard Pit Mines, Oxford County, Maine.


A complex specimen of pink crystallized quartz, chalcedony, kosnarite and other 'phosphates'from the roof near pocket 22-08

Notice: Mt Mica is an active mine and is regulated by Mine Health and Safety, the ATF, and the Maine Fire Marshall. The mine is closed to visitors except by special arrangement with either Poland Mining Camps or Maine Mineral Adventures.  Please do not contact the mine for access.


The Mount Mica Mine - On-Line Record of the Mining and Specimens.
Paris, Oxford County, Maine.
Mining in 2008 - Descending Time Line
•The pegmatite continues To the end of 2008
•A new direction and worries Sept and October Page 1
•Mining carefully and more pockets July and August
•Back to work under a new regime March-June
• Freezing cold but productive January
Mining in 2007 - Descending Time Line
•More finds wrap the 2007 season Oct, Nov, Dec
•Working the pocket July, Aug, Sept Page 2
• Finally another decent pocket July, Aug, Sept Page 1
• Pocket 3 produces some fine gem April-June Page 3
• Another pink quartz pocket April-June Page 2
• A great pink quartz pocket April-June Page 1

Mining in 2006 -Descending Time Line

• October..more pockets with pink quartz October, December
• Chamber 3 was the best Sept. October Page3
• We work a second Chamber Sept. October Page2
• A truly remarkable pocket by any measure Sept. October Page1
• A few more gem pockets June, July, Aug Pg 2
• Our idea about the zones appears to stand up June, July, Aug
• Mining in the zone of the original discovery? March, April, May

Mining in 2005 - Descending Time Line

• Deja Vu all over again Nov, Dec and Jan
• On the trail of a large pocket ( 4 Pages) July August
• More pockets and massive mineralization May June
• Winter loosens its grip ..and we start March April
• We continue to work  pocket 28 of '04 January
Mining in 2004 - Descending Time Line
• Another special find
Late December
• Amazing elbaite
• A BIG pocket Nov/Dec
• A small pocket
• We explore the lithia zone October
• Pocket 25 (page 2 of above) October
• A pink tourmaline pocket August-September
• We work pocket #11 July
• The pocket zone continues (4 pages) June
• We find a large pocket (4 pages) May
• We begin mining in the Mt. Mica March-April
• Lithium rich zone March-April
Mining in 2003
• We move to Mt. Mica Mine August
• More pockets found September-October
Tucson Case
View the Coromoto Minerals Case at the 2005 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show  

The Orchard Pit Mine - On-Line Record of the Mining and Specimens.
Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine.
Mining in 2003
• A Chilly Start March-April
• Finally Beryl in Vugs May
• A Big Pocket June-July

Mining in 2002
• Season Starts Early,
"Chasing the Pegmatite"
• More Phenakites May-June
• A repeat of the '99 Pocket System July
• The trend is our friend August
• The pegmatite 'hots' up September
• More Blue Beryl October
• More Pockets November

Mining in 2001
• Mining Season Starts Late May
• Pegmatite Widens July
• Apatites and Beryls August
• More Apatites September-October
• Rose Quartz Nov, Dec

Mining in 2000
• The 2000 Season Specimen Gallery
• Orchard Mine: Getting Ready for 2000
• Gem Pockets May
• Gem Pockets June
• More finds, 3 pages August
• A lot of hard work! September
• Seasonal Wrap Up October-November
• Picture review of the pockets.
• Pocket Zone Diagrams - 2000

Mining in 1999
• The 1999 Season Specimen Gallery
• 1999 Orchard Pit Pegmatite Map May

Mining in 1998
• The Orchard Pit 1998 - Our First Season
Learn many lessons; Pockets of golden beryl, aquamarine, and phenakite. Pegmatite undergoes a remarkable change.

Mining in 1997
• The Orchard Pit 1997
We pay for a few sessions in the Orchard
• The Orchard Pit early history - back to 1940.
Orchard Pit Specimens on Display
• Specimens in Display - Tour the Case 1998-2000
• Sceptor Quartz Crystal 1999
• Phenakite 1998
• Golden Beryl 1999
• Bertrandite 1999
• Aquamarine 1998


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